Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Making Every Day A Jolly Hoiday In 2014

I love celebrating events, milestones, dates, people, and things. Sometimes it's an official party or shower and sometimes it's just me grabbing some champagne on the way home because I hit a big deadline. Just in the past year I baked a cake for the wedding of two fictional TV characters, co-hosted a wedding shower, and made all sorts of decorations and favors for a bachelorette party. (Technically a beach-elorette bash.) I like making an ordinary day even just a little bit extraordinary.

This is why every day in 2014 I'll be celebrating a holiday. Just google "list of holidays" and you'll see that every day is literally a holiday. And, in most cases, every day is literally several holidays. Each day I'll blog about what holiday I'm celebrating and how I'm celebrating it. Maybe I'll eat a certain food for a certain holiday, go to a certain store for a certain holiday, or read a certain Wikipedia article for a certain holiday. (Hopefully not the latter too often; I want it more interesting than that.) I've already got some ideas for January and you'll just have to follow along to see what they are.

The last time I did a daily project in 2008, I'd wait days before back-posting several things. Since I have a smart phone this time around, I aim to write each and every day. I'll also be blogging other stuff too, I hope, so it won't be all holiday all the time.

I've always believed in appreciating the small things, in celebrating the seemingly mundane, and in finding joy in anything you can. I think that this project will really embody all of this and more.

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