Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Many months later and...she's back.

From a new city in a new state on a new bed - queen size. That last bit alone could warrant a post. I will never be able to go back to a twin bed again. The fact that I can sleep diagonally - if I so choose - it simply boggles my mind. Of course, I am unemployed and reeling from being away from home, so it doesn't take much these days.

As I type - from my giant bed - I am surrounded by my possessions in varying amounts of disarray and unpackedness (it's a word...now). As many times as I moved in college, one would think I'd have it down to an art by now. But I don't. In fact the more I do it the more I hate it, but I'm sure that will never stop me.

Amidst all the packing and life-organizing, I am still job hunting and trying to get my bearings in a new city. Both are going very slow. But I have my first interview on Friday, and I send out more and more resumes every day, so hopefully the tide will turn. And as far as knowing my way around...I don't. But I do know where the nearest grocery store, Starbucks, and movie theatre are, and really, what else does a girl really need?

The blog updating will probably be pretty slow, or incredibly boring, until I get settled, and maybe even after, I don't know. Most of what I write is probably only interesting to me anyway.

Until next time...