Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Blouse: Banana Republic
Cardigan: H and M
Jeans: Paper, Denim, and Cloth
Shoes: Gap
Bracelet: World Market
Earrings: H and M (which you can't see but they are very cute cameo earrings)

I'm a lame blogger who only posts pictures of herself or sickness-related items. But as the cold is more or less gone and the burn is finally healing, I can focus on other things, such as:
  • Deciding what to do with my hair. It's too long and messy and needs some sort of style. Problem is, I've been growing it out and then cutting it all off since I graduated from high school. I'm not sure I can handle an actual style.
  • Listening to my U2 playlist nonstop the past two days. Specifically, the song "All I Want is You," which is one of my favorites that I always forget about.
  • Getting excited for the weekend since I (hopefully) will actually be able to leave my apartment and go to places other than CVS. (Like out to eyebrow threading, the thrift store, Newseum, etc.)
  • Watching more episodes of "The Office," which I'm only seven years behind in discovering that it is, in fact, hilarious.
  • Celebrating a victory over State for the tenth time in a row. You sure have your ups and downs, Heels, but I love you no matter what.
And that's all for now.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

My life right now

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday (WIWW)

Sweater vest: Gap Outlet
Dress shirt: Target
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Ross
Earrings: Forever 21
Bracelet: Toots and Magoo
Necklace: Can't remember
Watch: Fossil

I feel like this picture has a bit of a My Space, teenage, emo kid vibe to it, but it's my only option right now.

This sweater vest was acquired over the weekend, for free, thanks to a buy one, get one free deal at the outlet. And I was very excited to wear it today because I love love sweater vests. A friend and I are working on a book called "101 Ways to Wear a Sweater Vest." Find me a man in a sweater vest with a British accent, and I'd be set for life.

What this picture doesn't show:
1.Burned leg: I've been really stressed about it and even dreamed about it twice, so I caved and made a doctor's appointment for tomorrow. Doctors scare me and I am really nervous, but I know it's the smart thing to do. If they try to give me a shot, however, I apologize for what will transpire and for what you will inevitably hear about on the news.

2. Sore throat and stuffy nose: My body is ganging up on me. I'm really, really hoping it's allergies, because I've heard a few people having trouble with them. I can't get sick. I just can't. I am so pathetic when I'm sick it's unreal.

3. My shoes' inability to stay on my feet: Lost a shoe in the crosswalk today, for the fourth time in my life. Getting old really fast.

4. How amazingly gorgeous it was today: 70 on Monday, 50s yesterday, 60s today, and 60s/70s Thursday and Friday. Hurry, Spring, hurry!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hanging on the wire

Francisco* is in one of his temperamental moods and is refusing to let me upload pictures. Final installment of Holiday Rewing coming...eventually.

My view today:

Seven post it notes. And today is a slow day.

And yes, that is a lottery ticket in the middle. I bought one for the big Mega Millions last month--the one with the Lost numbers. A few of my numbers match so I won $2! If I stop being lazy and cross the street to cash it in.

*My laptop.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Holiday Rewind Part 5: You Say It's Your Birthday

As usual, the first day of a new year is always my favorite day of the year. Not because of resolutions, or black eyed peas, or any of that fresh new start business, but because it's my birthday! I turned 27 the first day of 2011, which is a little too close to 30 for my liking, but until I figure out how to change it, that's what I am. This year I managed to turn my birthday celebration into a FOUR DAY AFFAIR. How did I manage that?

Day 1: Thursday, January 30
Due to some scheduling conflicts, we had to have my family birthday dinner on the Thursday before my actual birthday. We started with some British-style poppers purchased at Target. I had Joey help me with mine because I was afraid of the noise.

We all got different little cute prizes and of course crowns, which we wore proudly.

Some, more proudly than others.

Then we went to a new place downtown, which was very nice. It even had a real London phone booth.

But this is still North Carolina, where we really love our basketball, so there was one of these, too.

I tried my first shrimp and grits, though it was more like shrimp and polenta, but still very tasty.

And we all just ate, talked, and had a good time. I also had wine, which meant I had a very good time.

And after it was all done, we watched the last half of an AMAZING Carolina bowl game.

Day 2: Friday, January 31
On Friday I had the place to myself. I spent the entire day on the couch, in my pajamas, watching movies. My hair didn't even get brushed until dinner time.

And then the last hours of 2010 were spent comforting this little Dimples girl, who was completely terrified of the neighborhood fireworks, yet again.

Day 3: Saturday, January 1
MY ACTUAL BIRTHDAY!  Another fairly lazy day at home, though I did change my clothes, brush my hair, and even put on some makeup. It was just me, the parents, and the dogs, which was really nice. I did manage to accomplish something, however. Thanks to BBC America's "Who Year's Marathon," I finally got to watch the latest season of "Doctor Who." Hooray!

Later that night it was gift time. Perfectly coordinated, as usual, thanks to Mom.

And then another little girl, Peanut, tried to steal my thunder.

It's a good thing she's so precious.

We ended the day with some cake. Now, I've been telling Mom since I turned 21 that I didn't think it was necessary to include a candle for EVERY year plus one to grow on. This year, after her and Daddy went through about five matches and a burnt hand each, I expect next year to have significantly fewer flames.

Day 4: Sunday, January 2
The last day of my birthday celebration occurred in my favorite place on earth, Chapel Hill. More on that tomorrow for the final installment of Holiday Rewind.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Burning up

This is why you shouldn't set your hot iron on the floor, folks. Because under that bandage is a six-inch long burn, complete with steam holes.

If I don't feel like getting the ironing board out, and it's something simple, the bed becomes my ironing board. Thus the iron goes on the floor. This was also my process occasionally/every day in my old apartment. And while I tripped or kicked a cold iron occasionally/every day, I never hit a hot one. Until Tuesday night when I stepped back and hit my calf on a very hot iron. I thought I was being pricked with something at first and, as I thought about what it could be, took a second longer than necessary to move it away. Thus the six-inch long burn and steam holes. It's covered in ointment and wrapped in gauze to prevent infection and, more importantly, scarring. One day it will be spring again and, as the brother said, I don't want people to think I was ironing my shirt whilst on my person.*

*This originally said "I don't want people to think I was ironing with my clothes on." This is why the arrangement of words is important! My clothes are almost always on when I'm ironing.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Holiday Rewind Part 4: Cupcakes

My sister decided she wanted to get into making cupcakes, so for Christmas I gave her a few recipe books and various cupcakes-related paraphernalia. I spent a few days with her after Christmas and we decided to make a batch. She let me pick the kind and I went with the understated and healthfood-like s'mores cupcake.

We mixed up the batter and put a marshmallow in the center of each before baking.

But after baking, the majority had collapsed due to the weight of the marshmallow. So we decided to turn our s'mores cupcakes into S'mores Surprise! cupcakes. In other words, I crumbled up some graham crackers to fill in the hole. Just like any good carpenter, I mean baker, would do.

Next was the frosting, made from scratch.

And then on to the decorations. A bit of Hershey bar, a bit of graham cracker, and a bit of marshmallow.

And each bit of marshmallow was hand-roasted by Melissa and her creme brulee torch. (After some trial and error which included roasting the 'mallow on the cupcake, which then melted the cupcake. Then trial of error of setting the 'mallow on the pan, which then stuck to pan. Then finally Melissa perfected the mini-mallow roasting with the aid of a toothpick.)

And voila, a Melissa and Bonnie S'mores Surprise! cupcake. (Patent pending.)

We don't think we'll be opening our own bakery anytime soon, but they were GOOD. And really not as rich as they look as the frosting was very understated. But then again, I am a known chocaholic.

Next time: 27!

What I Wore Wednesday (WIWW)

A blog I like, The Pleated Poppy, does a "What I Wore Wednesday" post where people post the outfits they wear each week. I like this because it's just average people posting the outfits they wear to school, work, or just around the house. Some are fancy, some are from Target, but it's fun to see and get ideas. I've thought about doing it because the deeper we get into a season the less I care about how I look. But I am never together enough in the mornings to have time to take a picture, and in the evenings I immediately start shedding layers and accessories as soon as I walk in the door.

But, as today is a Very Important Day, I decided to try it. Only, my phone died after taking this test shot and I couldn't get one of me actually wearing it. So it's more like "what I was thinking about wearing, and did wear, even though you can't see me in it Wednesday." Which rolls of the tongue so well.

Shirt: Carolina Sportswear
Jeans: Gap
Socks: Johnny T-Shirt
Earrings: Shrunken Head
Bracelet: Student Stores
Watch: Fossil/Jewelry store in Goldsboro

Basically, a walking advertisement for UNC, the basketball program, and the stores on Franklin Street. I really must branch out more.

So yes, Very Important Day = Carolina v. Duke men's basketball. Isn't that what everyone considers a VID? Because you should.

Even when it doesn't turn out as it should, like tonite, a bad day as a Tar Heel is still a far better day than as anything else. Like a Dookie.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Holiday Rewind Part 3: Who's dreaming of a white Christmas?

I've tried many times in the past year to break up with snow. Once a friend that came so rarely and so gently, he was welcomed with open arms. Then, as time went on, he just wouldn't go away. A sudden drop-in here, an extended trip there, but still kind of nice to see. Until his presence escalated. Suddenly, he was sticking around for days and days. He worked himself into a frenzy and shut down a city for nearly a week. He nearly drove me crazy. But then, slowly but surely, he went away. The sun came out again and it was good.

But then it happened. He returned a week before Christmas to DC/Alexandria:

And then, he followed me home to NC, and brought this the day after Christmas, in the front yard:

And in the backyard, too:

Then I was reminded of what snow looks like in the country, with no buildings to block the view:

And then our house was made beautiful and perfect. And I spent the day with my parents in the cozy comforts of our living room. The the dogs rolled around in the soft flakes of our almost-white Christmas. .

Damn that tricky, sneaky, beautiful snow.

Next time: Cupcakes!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Holiday Rewind Part 2: I'll be home for Christmas

I spent two jam-packed weeks at home this year. Jam packed with: working, shopping, wrapping, talking, some baking, sleeping, laughing, car riding, TV watching, dog petting, eating, and eating. It was a wonderful visit where I was kept busy but also had time to relax.

The highlight of that first week, of course, was Christmas day. We were all seriously, seriously spoiled, as usual. We started the day just the four of us, with breakfast, gifts, and a fake fire. We had our few first bowls of wedding soup and decided to start a new holiday tradition, thanks to Spike TV, of watching all three "Star Wars" back to back. Then Melissa, Mike, and the girls came by for round two of gifts and soup. Now to let the pictures speak for themselves. With a few captions, too. I just can't resist. (Also, I really need to figure out the light settings on my camera.)

Why yes, that is Joey with his pants tucked into my Uggs. No comment.

Daddy opening his gift from me: bread! Panini maker to follow.

Mom opening one of her gifts.

Joey taking one of his traditional, "I'll take weird pictures of myself instead of Bonnie." shot.

The brat's new license plate. ECU Pirate or the little-known word ecupirate. Depends on who you ask.

Me and my pearls.

LIFE 50th anniversary edition!

Daddy getting in the holiday spirit.

Melissa and part of Mike opening gifts.

Joey rocking his new "old man golf hat" from one of the nieces.

And finally, nothing says Christmas like Han Solo riding Rudolph. What, your family doesn't have one? For shame. Rumor has it, he took the last room at the Inn.

I probably glossed over a lot but it was just a very, very good day. That's all that matters.

Next time: The white stuff