Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday (WIWW)

A blog I like, The Pleated Poppy, does a "What I Wore Wednesday" post where people post the outfits they wear each week. I like this because it's just average people posting the outfits they wear to school, work, or just around the house. Some are fancy, some are from Target, but it's fun to see and get ideas. I've thought about doing it because the deeper we get into a season the less I care about how I look. But I am never together enough in the mornings to have time to take a picture, and in the evenings I immediately start shedding layers and accessories as soon as I walk in the door.

But, as today is a Very Important Day, I decided to try it. Only, my phone died after taking this test shot and I couldn't get one of me actually wearing it. So it's more like "what I was thinking about wearing, and did wear, even though you can't see me in it Wednesday." Which rolls of the tongue so well.

Shirt: Carolina Sportswear
Jeans: Gap
Socks: Johnny T-Shirt
Earrings: Shrunken Head
Bracelet: Student Stores
Watch: Fossil/Jewelry store in Goldsboro

Basically, a walking advertisement for UNC, the basketball program, and the stores on Franklin Street. I really must branch out more.

So yes, Very Important Day = Carolina v. Duke men's basketball. Isn't that what everyone considers a VID? Because you should.

Even when it doesn't turn out as it should, like tonite, a bad day as a Tar Heel is still a far better day than as anything else. Like a Dookie.

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