About Me

I'm Bonnie, a 20-something Tar Heel from Eastern North Carolina, but currently living in Washington, D.C. and working in Northern Virginia. I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2006. Which I often write about. A lot. Especially during basketball season. I will probably live in a big city for awhile, but I'm forever a Carolina girl and a huge part of my heart will always be oriented south.

The blog posts from 2006-2013 were on my first blog, Learning to Fly. I started the blog in 2006 when I moved to London for 6 months after college. (The blog title originated from one of my favorite Tom Petty songs, "Learning to Fly.")

After I moved to D.C. in 2007, I began writing again. In 2008, it chronicled my "one new thing every day for a year" project. And now I just write whatever. This is my creative outlet, stress reliever, and scrapbook. Sometimes it's serious and sometimes it's not. Sometimes it's random and sometimes it's sarcastic. But mainly I just write for me. I've been writing for as long as I can remember; it's my one true passion that never wavers.

In 2014 I started a new blog titled Rainy Day Rhapsody. I don't know quite yet what it will be.

Likes: Fountains, chandeliers, warmth, Carolina blue, calla lilies, Audrey Hepburn, black olives, white dress shirts, travel, chocolate, accents, and crying.

Dislikes:  Duke, birds, dirt, milk, mayonnaise, direct air, crowds, small minds, blood, "Twilight," heavy metal, and orange.

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