Monday, May 5, 2014

One Man's Jacket and Another Man's Boots

My last few years of high school, denim jackets were popular. I had a stretchy, light-colored one from Gap but I also "borrowed" my Dad's denim jacket from the '70s. The Gap one was donated at some point but Daddy's has moved with me from place to place to place. Now that denim jackets are popular again, and it's light-jacket weather, I pulled his out.

I safety pinned the back to pull it in a bit and stitched up some of the holes. The shoulders are quite boxy so it would be great to take those in, too. I can do this because I have no intention of giving it back to Daddy. Sorry. It's been in my closet for more than 10 years so I don't think he misses it.

My grandfather, Poppy, was a born and raised Texan. He also lived in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida, but he spent his last years back in Texas. After he died, there were two pairs of cowboy boots in his closet. He had small feet so the men couldn't fit in them, and the women either couldn't or didn't want them. So one pair went to my small-footed great uncle, and one pair went to me.

I've worn them once before and always mean to wear them, but am afraid of messing them up. I tend to do this with important things, especially things that belonged to my grandparents. Yet I don't think Poppy would want them just sitting in my closet. He also might not have wanted them paired with a dress and pearls, but hey, I'm a country girl in the city, that's just how it is.


  1. Love yoa girl, I think Dad would be proud to see you with that outfit and boots. On another note this explains why I've been looking for that jacket for the last 10 years. But you've got it now treat it well !


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