Tuesday, January 14, 2014

January 14: Dress Up Your Pet Day

Confession: I don't hate when people dress their pets. I mean, I don't approve of tutus or glitter--even animals deserve some dignity--but I think a cute sweater or funny t-shirt is just adorable.

Our first Peanut had a red sweater with black diamonds on it. It even had a bit of a turtleneck. It was so cute. And a few years ago we bought second Peanut* a pink argyle sweater because she is a Southern girl, after all.

She also let me put a bow on her as a pretty necklace.

I couldn't find any pictures of Dimples dressed up, but she was terrified of the camera so that could be why.

Since Peanut girl is home in North Carolina and I can't really dress her up today, I thought I'd go for a little virtual dress up.


She'll be ready for the runways of Paris in no time.

*My sister gave first Peanut his name and when we got Peanut and Dimples they were already named. Out of respect for dear Peanut the First, we always refer to him in as Peanut One or First Peanut or Peanut the Magnificent.

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  1. You have lost your mind !! Although, I must admit, Peanut looks absolutely regal with the tiara! At first glance, I thought you actually put the hat, scarf, etc on her when you were last home. ha ha :) Love MOM