Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Cardigan: JCPenney Outlet
Dress shirt: Thrifted, with a Banana Republic tag
Belt: Macy's, came with my Halloween dress
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Payless

Not pictured:
  • The belt loop I pulled off today and the subsequent hole on the side of my jeans.What are belt loops on skinny jeans for if not to help you get them on? 
  • My healing leg! It has been three weeks since The Burn and it's truly healing. I finished the antibiotics and the cream and now just apply Vitamin E oil like a fiend to prevent itching and scarring. (Note: This really works. Maybe everyone else already knew this, but my doctor told me and I'm so thankful she did.)
Sort of pictured:
  • My new hair! I got it cut tonite by a very talented British man. There are layers, though they are kind of hard to see. But it is lighter and has movement while keeping length and simplicity, which I guess is the mark of a good cut. And since I had lived in London and that's all we talked about, he knocked $20 off the price.

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