Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Holiday Rewind Part 6b: Carolina Way

Hallowed ground. The Dean Dome. We were lucky and had great seats between the player's tunnel and the press table, only a few rows from the court. The boys were up against St. Francis (PA) -- as it appeared on the ticket -- and did not disappoint.

Exiting the tunnel for the warm up. I would kill to have that carpet in my home.

Roy! Just before he did NOT throw a t-shirt anywhere near us.

Game time! Barnes and Zeller.

Henson and his crazy legs. This game made me really love Henson. Partly because he's a great player, partly because he seems like a genuinely nice guy, and partly because of the kinship I feel with him and his knobby legs.

Marshall before I realized how important he would be just a month later.

Roy getting a little angry. 

Hansbrough's jersey! Too lazy to look it up, but Joey and I don't think we had seen this yet.

Can you spot the problem with this picture?

Yep, there it is. Ball on wrong side of the basket. But my favorite part of this is later, when we were talking about the game to the parents. Mom asked if they brought the broom out and Daddy chimed in with "No, I'm sure they have some special tool for that." He was right, of course. Because seriously, my Dad knows everything.

Me and the court.

Joey and the team. And yes, he wanted it to look like his head was about to attack the team.

My favorite part of the game. They put the benchwarmers in -- aka Blue Steel -- and the rest of the team were just giddy for them. Henson stood up the entire time they were out, waved his towel around, and hugged or high-fived all of them at the end. Everyone else was also very excited for them. It just warms my heart.

Final score. Biscuits!

Thanks, boys. Thank you so much.

And that was our day in Chapel Hill. After the game we got some garlic knots and cannolis from Franklin Street Pizza and Pasta, and headed east toward home. Joey spent the drive playing me all his favorite songs and singing along. I spent the night packing and watching an "Axe Men" marathon with mom and the next day it was back to D.C.

And that was my holiday. Next time maybe I'll finally write about the Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg interview I month ago. And then maybe I'll find my efficiency. But probably not.

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