Tuesday, March 1, 2011

That is my life

Last week, for the fourth time in my life, I lost a shoe whilst walking in a crosswalk. Now, when I say lost, it doesn't mean the shoe was actually lost. Shoe came off, I stopped in middle of road, slipped shoe back on, and kept on my merry way.

I was explaining this to some people and this is the conversation that followed.

Anonymous 1: You should put your number inside your shoe, so it will be like Cinderella and someone will find it.
Anonymous 2: That might be the smartest thing you've ever said.
Me: Um, hello! I don't actually leave the shoe behind, I pick it up.
Anonymous 1: Oh, well, maybe you should leave it behind.

Then Anonymous 2 chimed in and they both fantasized about someone coming into my office, putting my shoe back on my foot, declaring it a perfect fit, and then falling madly in love with me.

Sadly, the dating well has been pretty dry lately. And I'd like to say I found this completely preposterous. But, it's not the worst idea ever.

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