Monday, March 3, 2014

Things That Have Happened

It's been awhile since I caught myself up on my life. And since technically I haven't left my apartment in a few days--but I did get a ton of stuff done around said apartment, except for putting away the laundry I did on Thursday--I'm writing about stuff that has happened in the past few weeks:
  • I went home to North Carolina for a long weekend to see my parents and also Billy Joel in concert! It was wonderful.
  • At dinner before said concert, the power button on my iPhone jammed, rendering it useless.
  • I bought a new iPhone. It was time for a new one but I was hoping to wait a few more weeks.
  • While at Apple store, I had a nice conversation with the "Genius" and learned that they don't get commission on what they sell.
  • I took a friend out for their birthday and learned that one of the bartenders at a whiskey bar in DC likes to pretend he's Belle from Beauty and the Beast whilst climbing the big ladders in the bar. (Ladders are to get to all the whiskey on shelves on the wall.)
  • Snow Storm #1 left about 10 inches of snow on this fair city and we were snowed in for several days.
  • I didn't leave my apartment the entire President's Day weekend. It was lazy and sad but also glorious.
  • Tyler Hansbrough came to DC with his NBA team to play the Wizards and the UNC DC alumni group went on the court for a fan tunnel. It was wonderful and amazing and I'll post about it later.
  • I made my Grandma Bonnie's potato soup for a competition at work. It only took two Facetime calls and a death grip on my phone to prevent it from becoming part of the soup to make it happen.
  • Snow Storm #2 hit today and we got about 8 more inches of snow.
  • I've watched the first two seasons of "Veronica Mars" over the past week and it has consumed my life.

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