Thursday, March 27, 2014

A New Obsession

Several months ago, from some other blog or link or something, I discovered the website Darby Smart.They're a craft website offering DIY kits that you order by the project. Each kit comes with everything you need to complete the project. They also have a monthly subscription box that sends a mystery project each month; I've done this twice.

All the projects are reasonably priced, in my opinion, and they frequently offer coupon codes and deals. (I'm not sure I've ever paid full price for one. Though I gladly would.) So far I've completed four, ordered two for my sister's Christmas gift, have two waiting for me to complete, and one more on the way. (For the latest three, I had a coupon code for one, a gift card from my brother, and a $10 credit for coming in second in one of their giveaways.)

I also just submitted my own idea for a project. If they like it, and can source the materials, they will offer it for sale as one of their projects. I'll let you all know if that happens. For just being considered they gave me a $30 credit to use in their supply store. I got paint, jewels, and stencils. I used the paint and jewels and submitted this wine cork memo board as my project idea.

Projects waiting for me: Cutting boards to woodburn, pillows to embellish, and champagne flutes to dot.

And these are the four I've completed so far.

I just loved these tilted teacups. It came with two and I made one for me and one for my sister. These are the first candles I've ever made and they smell so good. It came with hot pink spray paint but I used the gold paint pen I got with another kit.

There were so many options for what to do with this states stencil. I finally decided on stenciling all of the states and coloring the ones I've visited. I look forward to coloring in more. (Provided the paint doesn't dry up.) The stencil is reusable too.

I don't have the Darby version for this as it was the December DIY For mystery box. Once the supplies were revealed, I snatched it up, knowing it would be great for my 20s party. It came with a full stencil alphabet, though I connected the lines for a cleaner look. (Those stencils are also resuable.) It came with two sets of battery-operated twinkle lights, which you can sort of see. I added the cursive words using my Silhouette machine.

This kit was also bought for my 20s party. The glitter got out of hand so I strung the balls like beads for a garland instead. Had they been used for cocktail stirrers, I feared my party guests would be drinking glitter.

With no easily accessible or fully stocked craft store near me, I love that everything you need comes with it. I also love that while they give you a photo and steps, you can still exercise your creativity to customize. There's also a showroom where others post what they did, giving you even more ideas.

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