Thursday, March 6, 2014

Getting My Fix

Several months ago, my friend Cynthia told our book club about the online personal shopping service called Stitch Fix. For $20 a stylist will pick and send five items of clothing or accessories based on a style profile you complete. Then you have three days to decide what you want to keep and return any remaining items in the included envelope. The $20 fee acts as a credit toward anything you buy.

I've written many times here about how much I love clothes. But I've actually cut way back on the amount of clothes I buy. Especially new clothes. I'm far more likely to get items from a thrift or consignment store. I resisted doing the service since I'm so particular about my clothes and since I know my self control goes way down when I have pretty clothes in my hand. I couldn't imagine how low it would go if they were at my doorstep.

As you could probably guess, this resistance didn't last long and I ordered my first "fix" back in October. I kept a pair of jeans and a blouse. I am most particular about my jeans and was shocked that these fit so well.

I got my second fix yesterday and decided to write about it. I debated writing about this but I've read the reviews others have written, including Cynthia, and I think it's fun.

As soon as I opened the box I smelled this bag. It was made of polyurethane and smelled like a tire. It also made everything else in the box smell, too. I don't have a problem picking out accessories myself and I like them cheap, so this was an automatic no.

Next was this thin, striped t-shirt. I wasn't crazy about how the stripes were different widths on the front and back. It also hit at an odd place and was way too thin to justify that price tag.

I thought this would be shapeless on but it actually had some structure to it. I love the color and it feels so soft and comfy. This one was a yes.

I liked the size of the stripes and the color blocking on top, but it was too big. If it was a bit cheaper I may have justified buying it and taking in the sides myself. It also was a bit too thick for summer and too thin for end of winter/spring, so I fear it wouldn't have got worn much anyway.

It's hard to capture the color of these pants, but they are a beautiful royal blue. (NOT a duke blue, thank you.) There are no zippers or pockets and they just slide on to fit me perfectly. I really am shocked that yet another pair of pants fit me so well. These are more than I pretty much ever pay for pants but I talked myself into them because: I have nothing like them; the quality, fit, and feel is great; and since I had a $25 referral credit that covered the styling fee, which normally I'd pay, it basically works out to $50 off and I can swing $45 for pants.

The other three items went in the return bag and the pink cardigan went on my body to wear today. (With the jeans from my first fix.)

I think I'd like to use Stitch Fix once a season. I'd love to do it more but I don't trust myself. However, if you want to use it too, and use my referral link, maybe I'll do it more. (Hint hint.)

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