Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Things I Learned This Weekend

A UNC win over Duke and a celebratory outfit make for a great Friday.
While I have worn just a plain UNC t-shirt to work before, and will surely do so again come March Madness, I thought I'd fancy it up a bit on Friday in honor of the joyous events of Thursday night. (Ignore the spots on my mirror; I clean on Sundays.)

Fun nails also make for a good Friday.
I painted my nails during the first half of the game. I rarely do anything complicated so this was a nice change.

A perfect blue-skied day is a great antidote to the Winter blues.
On Friday I was so sick of the weather and city and people that I thought about maxing out my credit card and flying somewhere warm. Luckily both Saturday and Sunday were clear and warm and put a little pep in my step.

Fill-a-bag day at the thrift store is as good as various bloggers have said. 
My fave thrift store had $7 fill-a-bag last week. By the time I went on Saturday, it was pretty picked over, but it was still awesome to not even look at the price of things and just toss it in the paper bag. I got a skirt, shirt, two books, vintage hot curlers, a board game, a small picture, and I think that’s about it. 

Carrying a dowel around is dangerous. 
It really is a miracle I didn’t poke my eye out or the eye out of someone else. 

If I need help at a hardware store, I should just call my Daddy. 
I needed to buy drill bits for my drill but was confused by all the options. I’ve written before about the over-eagerness of employees to help me at said store, and this time, when I actually needed help, they didn’t know what I was talking about. Calls to the four different phones of my parents—and finally a call back later—I got help from the father. 

Just because you were born in the ’80s, doesn’t mean you actually know anything about the ’80s.
Included in my fill-a-bag was Trivial Pursuit: ’80s version. Karey and I played it Saturday nite and it was hard. Really hard. We called it a draw after a few hours and after I had been in and out of the center circle for the win so many times I lost count. And the most upsetting part to me was that I completely bombed at my best and favorite category: News/Headlines/Events. 

It is difficult and exhausting to try and attach casters to vintage wood. 
I don’t know if it’s my wood, or my drill, or my cheap casters, or just me, but there’s a good chance that this soda crate is just going to have to make it on one wheel. 

There's only one way to celebrate the closing ceremonies of the Sochi Olympics.
With a slightly offensive banner, some vodka, and a Mexican dip. (Because there was no Russian food that seemed appealing.)

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