Monday, July 25, 2011

This is a slow weekend

In the past month I haven't had more than two nights in a row without plans. This caught up with me last week so this week I tried to take it easy. And knowing that it was going to be miserably hot on Friday and Saturday, I delighted in continuing this slowed place and made no plans for the weekend. Or at least no plans involving other people or (almost no) leaving my apartment. Instead I decided to stay in my pajamas, watch a lot of movies, and be productive. 

Now, because I am just that cool, a little play-by-play of the most mundane weekend activities, broken down into action, reason, and entertainment. Again, because I'm just that cool.

Action: Re-organized my makeup into new containers.
Reason: The silverware caddy I'd been using was overflowing.
Entertainment: How to Deal

Action: Worked on some blog posts.
Reason: I have a lot to say and finally some motivation to say it.
Entertainment: Anastasia

Action: Made two necklaces and two bracelets.
Reason: I bought the jersey fabric and pinned the tutorials months ago.
Entertainment: Three episodes of Doctor Who and some Gilmore Girls. (There was a lot of braiding involved.)

Action: Ate a smoothie.
Reason: It was hot.
Entertainment: More Gilmore Girls

Action: Ate Chinese takeout.
Reason: I was hungry.
Entertainment: DVRed ABC World News. (Doesn't everybody DVR the news? You should.)

Yes, that is food for one. Or maybe it's actually for three, as that's how many fortune cookies they gave me! If I'm going to order out I prefer to order enough for several meals.

Action: Sorted mail.
Reason: My mail pile was out of control. And mostly just junk.
Entertainment: Before Sunrise

Action: Painted my nails.
Reason: I let my nails go bare for a week to breathe and it was killing me.
Entertainment: Before Sunset

Action: Spent a few hours downtown at the Newseum, lunch, and browsing for clothes.
Reason: Needed to get out of the house for a few hours. And activate my new museum membership, bought through Groupon.
Entertainment: Amy Winehouse (RIP) on the iPod.

Action: Rest.
Reason: It's hot.
Entertainment: Once

Action: Writing articles for work.
Reason: So I'm ahead on Monday.
Entertainment: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Action: Deconstructing three Forever 21 necklaces and constructing one mega necklace.
Reason: I wanted a nice statement necklace to wear in San Fran.
Entertainment: DVRed World News, 60 Minutes, and The Proposal (This one took awhile, plus a break for dinner.)

I'm pretty sure I've never watched so many movies in my life. But it felt nice to just relax and watch some favorites while getting a lot of silly things done.

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  1. 1. Does this mean you found a good Chinese restaurant that delivers?

    2. Love the statement necklace you made for San Fran - that looks beautiful!!!!