Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snow Crazy

For a slew of pictures, check my Flickr.

Well, I made it, I survived [insert annoyingly cutesy name for] D.C.'s first (and last?) blizzard of 2010. I know the picture suggests otherwise but, well, this is me after all.

We estimate about 20-25 inches at our apartment. Though really, after the first foot, I think the point has been made. It was a lot of snow, that's all that really matters. And the shear amount of it is still throwing me for a loop. I just don't know how it is all going to melt or where it will all go when it does.

I'm very lucky that (so far) we haven't lost power or sustained any injuries. All in all the experience wasn't too terrible. I have had entirely too much to eat, a little to drink, and been embarrassingly lazy, but I think it's excusable. A brief recap:
  • Day 1: Roomie made chili, we played Trivial Pursuit and started our Tom Hanks film fest with "Apollo 13." Played in snow a bit.
  • Day 2: I made potato soup and we watched "Forrest Gump." Took a walk down Pennsylvania to the Capitol. B posed on a bench and swung on a pole. I posed with an igloo, pulled my back trying to run and play in a snowy field, and ended the night with a snow angel.
  • Day 3: No playing in snow today. I made a trek to the grocery store, which was mushy, slick, and no fun. Watched the Heels fall to the turtles. Made a dip in the Crock Pot to munch on during the Super Bowl.
As much as I love being busy and doing things, I can be a real homebody at times, so it has been kind of nice. I will be working from home again tomorrow, though, and think the stir craziness will hit. (It also just occurred to me that because I worked from home on Thursday and Friday, I haven't been out of Capitol Hill since last Wednesday.)

And that's about it. Check my Flickr for pictures and a few funny captions. Now I just really need it to melt fast and to NOT snow again Tuesday, because I am bound for Los Angeles on Thursday and NOTHING is going to stop me from getting the heck out of Dodge.

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