Thursday, August 30, 2012


My first foray into corn hole seems to have been one of the more popular portions of my last post, thanks to this picture:

I posted that one because it was the funniest, and because I post too many pictures of myself and wanted a silly one. But I would also like to show that I did try to play it the correct way by throwing underhand:

And I still sucked. After dozens of throws I still only managed to make one. I welcome guidance and instruction for the next time I play.

However, I should mention that in any sport I play, I tend to just like to throw/hit/whack the crap out of anything to deal with my pent up aggression. And also, I may or may not have hit my future sister-in-law with one of the bags.

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  1. You might try putting down the wine glass - it might help !!! ( I didn't notice it in the first picture. Love MOM