Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Good May Day

The first weekend in May always brings the National Cathedral Flower Mart. I've been twice before and thoroughly enjoy it. 
The Cathedral grounds are lovely, the booths have excellent goods, the food selection is fun, and it just feels good. I missed last year unfortunately and was praying the weather would hold out and everything would go smoothly. Which it did. 

I spent a little while looking at the goods, and spent the most time at my favorite vendor, Willow Pond Farm Herbs and Everlasting. Each year they are in the same location and I make a beeline for them and buy more and more of their lavender goodness. (My favorite is the lavender Earl Grey tea.) 

After a little shopping, I got lunch and sat on the grounds near the book tent. (Which I did have to hit up, of course, but I only bought two books.) 
Then I explored the gardens. Somehow, during every other visit, I've missed this beautiful area with a nice flower garden and gazebo.



Beyond the gardens is a large wooded area with brick paths, benches, a covered bridge, and even an amphitheater. 

I'm still a country girl at heart and anytime I can find a good place that makes me feel closer to home in this city, I get a little calmer. I'll definitely be back here.

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