Sunday, June 12, 2011

Things I Learned This Weekend

Fridays are still Fridays even without a drink.
Not that I learned that this Friday, but maybe next?

Sometimes you just have to give in and sleep.
I slept outrageously late on Saturday due to not sleeping well Friday night and several other nights in the week because... 

Allergies truly are awful.
As I've whined about before, after moving to D.C. I developed spring allergies. This year they appeared to have cured themselves as I didn't have any trouble. Until this week, however, when in the middle of three record-breaking hot days, I was all sore throat and runny nose.

X Men: First Class is a really good movie.
Despite the allergies, I made myself leave the apartment and decided to see any random movie that was playing, which happened to be the new X Men. I loved the first one, not so much the next two, so I was worried about this one but saw it anyway. I'm glad I did because it was a great distraction and just good fun.

There was no new episode of Friday Night Lights.
At almost midnight on Saturday I finally settled in front of my DVR to watch my beloved FNL. But, gasp! Apparently there wasn't one played due to hockey. (So it wasn't just an NC thing, Mom.) I'm still a very angry Panther/Lion.

Naps in a cool, air conditioned room with hair wet from the pool are the best naps.
Sunday morning/afternoon was spent again by the apartment pool soaking up the sun. I also got in the pool and floated around for a bit, just perfectly content. I had a light lunch of tomatoes soaked in Italian dressing and then took a short nap. Happy summer day.

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  1. What about the green peppers and onions.

    Love Dad