Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sunny days we thought would never end

Last week I went home to North Carolina for the first time since Christmas. The week went something like this: D.C. to BWI to RDU to Home to Oak Island to Home to Garner to Home to Charlotte to Stanly to Lincolnton to Chapel Hill to Home to RDU to BWI to D.C.

Or, in an unartistic and butchered geographic rendering:
And that's just the travelling. The actual days went something like this: Saw my brother for the first time in months and my aunts for the first time in a year. Met the two second cousins I hadn't yet and the 2-week old son of an old friend. Ate Bojangles cinnamon biscuits only available in the Western part of the state and Wilber's barbecue. Drank copious amounts of Pepsi. (I don't keep soft drinks in my apartment but my mom stocks it at the house.) Played with dogs, saw the stars, watched HBO, soaked in Chapel Hill, talked to mom and daddy, watched a concert, spent time with the sister and fam, slept on the surface of the sun. (The skylights in my former bedroom/mom's current craft room are no longer covered, thus letting in the brightest light known to woman and waking me up ever morning at 6ish.)
But all of this is just a bunch of words that can really be summed up with just one: home.

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