Thursday, June 17, 2010

Oh no

Since writing about book covers a few months ago, they've been catching my eye more often in bookstores. I was in Barnes and Noble a few weeks ago and noticed these:

Look familiar?

And in case it isn't obvious enough, there's this bright shining "endorsement" on "Wuthering Heights":
But of course it would be their favorite book. A dark and creepy story about obsessive love is right up their alley.

There will be a post about it one day, but just know, I HATE Twilight. HATE it. I was hanging on to the tailpipe of the bandwagon a few years ago and read all four. Not because I enjoyed them, but because I kept hoping they would get better. Not the case.

If this is how we have to get teens and tweens to read the classics then, well, ok. But I'm still not happy about.

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