Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What I'm Doing Instead of Blogging

This is what  my work calendar looked like this morning. Four meetings at the same time. Though one by one, all but one, got cancelled. Nowadays I have more meetings in a day than I used to have in months. And all are on the phone. And some are in French. (Just the invite and, interestingly, the conference call dial in recording. Either I remember enough of my college French, or I just know the con call script so well, that it barely phased me this morning.)

I want to blog, I want to not have 7 am phone calls. (That was Friday.) I want to not actually cry when I see that the call that was supposed to be at 8 am was pushed back to 9 am, meaning I get a precious additional half hour of sleep. I want to get to work on time for a call so I can stop taking a cab from my work metro to work. (Which is only a 15-minute walk but every minute counts for me.)

I want to be in bed but instead I just spray painted a necklace in my shower. I'm not even kidding.

But all is not bad. The brilliant TV show "Orphan Black" is keeping me entertained. I just spent a lovely night watching TV and laughing with K. I got a $50+ West Elm floor pillow cover at the thrift store today for $3.50. I missed a couple of work yesterday because a friend just needed to talk, and when we got back and apologized to our boss, she just said, "I don't care! You all work so hard, I really don't care." I get to wear red, white, and blue and wave an American flag tomorrow to celebrate a co-worker's new citizenship. With an exceptionally and newly (spray-painted) red necklace to top it all off.

Best of all, my only scheduled con call isn't until 2:00. In the afternoon. Eastern standard time.

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