Monday, October 11, 2010

Sabrina: But you don't believe in marriage. Linus: Yes, I do. That's why I'm not married.

This past weekend was simply gorgeous with blue skies, a bright sun, and a cooling breeze. My weekend activities consisted of: eyebrow threading, reading, thrifting, sewing, watching (tv), cleaning, and relaxing. To top it off I went here...

to see this...

Ford's Theatre re-opened in February after a grand restoration and this was my first trip to the historic site. Having never been in the theatre before the remodel I'm not sure how the current incarnation compares, except to say that it is currently beautiful and bright. The theatre is small but grand, and the stage dominates, as it should.

And in case you couldn't read the banner above, I was there to see Sabrina Fair! Not surprisingly, I adore the Audrey Hepburn original, and like the 1995 remake alright as well, so as soon as I saw an ad for the stage version, I snatched up a ticket.

This review from the Washington Post pretty much says what I would say, only better, of course. It was interesting to see the racial element added, though it would have been more powerful had they not stuck so strictly to the original text. However, it really was a wonderful play, very funny and witty, well-acted, and the stages and costumes were beautiful. It just put me in a great mood.

"So I invested in something I had complete confidence in: General Motors."
(Not sure this was supposed to get the laugh it did, but it was great.)

Maude: Well, who do you want to marry?
Sabrina: [looking at Linus] Him.
Linus: For god's sake, Sabrina, watch your grammar!
Sabrina:  It is he.

"You want to own her without being owned."
-Aunt Julia (to Linus)

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