Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Fancy Tradition

At the end of last week's Very Special Episode of Glee, Kurt went to church wearing this fabulous hat:

In between my Simon and Garfunkel tears, I couldn't help but admire his fancy church-lady hat. When I was little, and then slightly older, and then still older, I used to love to try on the fancy hats at JCPenney.  

Tucked away with the wallets and purses, the hats hung on a wall of soft-covered hooks, a rainbow of felt and lace. My eyes and my hands gravitated toward the red, hot pink, or purple chapeaus with flowers, beading, or rhinestones.

I love that in certain circles--particularly the African-American Community--there existed, and still exists, a tradition of wearing a hat to church. Selecting the perfect match for one's dress, shoes, and bag. 

Jeans and a sweater are enough for me 90% of the time, but one day I shall have a fancy hat and a place to wear it.

Images: My screen capture and TheMarginalized.

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