Thursday, July 1, 2010

"The best birthdays of all are those that haven’t arrived yet." (Robert Orben)

Today was one of those not good, not bad, not anything days. Just sort of neutral. Then I remembered that it's my half birthday! Hooray! (Of course this also means that we are officially half way through 2010, which is NOT ok. This also means I am one step closer to 27 and therefore one step closer to 30, which is also not ok. Why am I happy about this day?)

Self portrait 26.5
(Taken with the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone; I'm obsessed.)

In honor of the day, 13 things I have already done this year and 13 things I would still like to do.

  1. Survived two blizzards and being snowed in for a week.
  2. Visited Jan in Los Angeles.
  3. Took my first business trip.
  4. Bought my first smart phone.
  5. Became a member of The Kennedy Center.
  6. Bought myself my first-ever half birthday gift: Burberry Summer perfume.
  7. Became addicted to Friday Night Lights.
  8. And soccer.
  9. Climbed to the top of the National Cathedral bell tower.
  10. Heard Michelle Obama speak. (Whilst seeing one of my best friends get her master's.)
  11. Re-installed Windows on my computer by myself.
  12. Used my sewing machine.
  13. Ate Burmese food.
Will Be Done
  1. Take a trip with my friends.
  2. Listen to jazz in the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden.
  3. See HP7, part 1.
  4. Go to another concert.
  5. Read at least one of the "big" books I've been putting off: John Adams, Nelson Mandela, or London: The Biography.
  6. Spend my first Fourth of July in D.C. since I moved here.
  7. Move.
  8. Have my eyebrows threaded.
  9. Go to a professional DC sports event that I haven't yet. (Basketball, hockey, or soccer.)
  10. Take the GRE.
  11. Think about grad school.
  12. Get back into volunteering.
  13. Conquer insomnia.

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