Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My life...

...is a little nuts right now. Work is never ending. Writing class is wonderful but taking up more time than anticipated. Friends are amazing and thus I keep doing happy hours, dinners, and nights out. Basketball just started which makes me insanely, deliriously, unabashedly happy. And a week from today I'll be home and able to take a break from all of this madness. Phew.

I went out on Saturday night with some friends to the concert of a coworker who is also a musician. In between errands on Saturday I tried to find a new top to wear because, well,  I love buying new clothes. But after an absurd number of stores I couldn't find one I liked enough to justify buying this close to the holidays. So instead I went with this. (And I found out later I played a very small role in a little bit of a fight that happened after I left, so, good or bad choice?)
Blazer: Pretty People Vintage in Old Town; Sweater vest: The Limited, almost four years ago; Jeans: Forever 21 for $10.25; Shoes: Ferragamo by way of Ebay; Clutch: Loulou Accessories; Hair: Straightened with a straightener for the first time, just to see if it could get any straighter.

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