Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Comedy of Errors in 20 Steps

Step 1: Receive 16x20 collage frame as a gift.
Step 2: Fill frame with pictures.
Step 3: Move to Arlington.
Step 4: Have brother break glass in frame.
Step 5: Hang frame with broken glass on wall for year.
Step 6: Move in to D.C. and leave frame in box for two years.
Step 7: Move again and decide to hang frame.
Step 8: Travel to Rockville to purchase new glass for frame.
Step 9: Break glass in half on metro.
Step 10: Decide to use glass anyway.
Step 11: Recycle original broken glass.
Step 12: Drop glass.
Step 13: Cut thumb.
Step 14: Freak out.
Step 15: Stop freaking out.
Step 16: Look down.
Step 17: See cut on foot.
Step 18: Freak out
Step 19: Stop freaking out.
Step 20: Laugh hysterically.

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