Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Spring is here

I got my first houseplant two years ago. Her name is Adelaide and she is an "assorted foliage" from Ikea. I have since expanded a bit and now have ten. (Several courtesy of my Mom.) And yes, they all have names and no, I am not listing them.

One of my nieces gave me the amaryllis bulb for Christmas. I planted the bulb a few weeks ago, not expecting much. All the other plants came to me as fully formed, which is good, because I have never been able to grow something from a seed. (Thus why I am still holding on to the edelweiss seeds from my Salzburg trip five years ago.)

But bulbs are different, clearly, as this is what now graces my lovely window scene:

Her name is Anne Shirley. It was going to be Marilla from "Anne of Greene Gables" because the flower name made me think of it, but Anne was a fiery little redhead, and so are the flowers.

It makes me smile every time I walk by. Now, maybe, I can try my hand at those edelweiss seeds.

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