Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"I always skip Wednesdays." (Tim Riggins, FNL)

In high school I:
  • Never went a day without having my nails painted.
  • Owned no real t-shirts.
  • Never left the house without everything looking just. so.
In college I:
  • Had my nails painted some days.
  • Accrued more than 50 t-shirts.
  • Never wore pajamas to class and rarely wore a hoodie out.
In real life I:
  • Sometimes go days with chipped nail polish or unevenly filed nails.
  • Wore a hoodie to work. Twice.
  • Had to talk myself out of wearing a t-shirt today that has been previously used to exercise and sleep in. And I wore a baseball hat.
At this rate of decline, in ten years, my wardrobe will consist solely of housecoats and slippers.

This could be looked at as a sign that I'm letting go of some of my perfectionist control freak tendencies. But...

I ironed both the sleep/exercise shirt and the shirt I ended up wearing. Both of which had to have navy in them to match the hat. Then I lint rolled the hat because it had fuzzies on it. On the feet were black flip flops instead of brown to match my black bag. Finally, I went through several pairs of earrings and necklaces before settling on ones that went with the casual and effortless look I was going for.

It turns out that even when I'm being a lazy slob I'm still a perfectionist control freak. Maybe I don't need to say hello to the housecoats and slippers just yet.

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